Berklee City Music Network

BVMP is proud and honored to be a member of the Berklee City Music Network, Berklee College of Music’s network of Music Education non-profits across the nation. Being a member of the Berklee City Music Network gives BVMP students access to college-level curriculum through the Berklee PULSE music education website. BVMP students can now strive towards the goal of attending Berklee’s 5 week summer program in Boston since we are able to get two scholarships as network members! For the past four years BVMP student teachers have attended the program and they all had a life-changing experience. Now they are teaching the techniques they learned in Boston to their students at BVMP. Check out their website at

Mercedes Da Silva and Leia Bryan ~ 2019

​Mercedes and Leia are at Berklee this summer! We’ll get quotes from them when they get back smile Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and livestreams of their concerts!

Akilah Winters- 2017

“My experience at the five week program has made me stronger both intellectually in music theory and strong as a pianist. It has made me realize my passion for music but also has allowed me to show an inner appreciation for the creation and production of music. The five week program has awakened my ability to be confident and to improve in my skills. Being a part of this program has given me the ability to understand how grateful and fortunate I am to attend Five week on a scholarship through the City Music Program. I would like to appreciate and thank my site directors at The Bahama Village Music Program for giving me the experience that has changed my outlook on life and the world of music!”

~ Akilah Winters

Caspian Cashart & Jarod Barnhart- 2016

“I never thought I would have rethought what I wanted to do as much as I did when I went to Berklee School of Music’s 5-week summer performance program. I always thought that I wanted to do food science but when I went there it really brought forth how much I love music and how much more I needed to practice if I really did want to take music to the next level. While at Berklee I was able to experience first hand what being a musician is all about, and the incredible possibilities the world has to offer. Now that I am back home i will be able to show what i have learned to the students i teach and express these thoughts in the B.V.M.P jazz band. Nothing makes my day more than teaching children about the extensive world of music. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the Bahama Village Music Program and their generosity to provide me with the opportunity to go and explore music in one of the biggest Jazz scenes in the world. Thank you.”

~ Caspian Cassidy

Dustin Eamilao & Camila Ferrufino- 2015

“Going to Berklee School of Music was genuinely the most amazing experience I have ever had. I grew up with a deep interest for the fine arts and music has been my passion growing up. Having the opportunity to study at Berklee felt nearly impossible coming from a low-income family. Through my work with the Bahama Village Music Program and City Music, I was rewarded with a scholarship to attend the 5-Week Summer Performance Program in 2015. To this day, I miss all the memories I have made and wish to continue my music education at the Berklee Valencia campus in Spain for my graduate studies.”

~ Camila Ferrufino

Melson & Rodney Maxime- 2014

“Berklee School of Music, where dreams do come true”

“My name is Rodney, and I’m a former student of Bahama Village Music program. I’m currently a drum teacher there now. In 2014, my brother and I had the chance to attend one of the best music schools in the world, Berklee School of Music. My time their was very remarkable. I made new friends, played with some exceptional musicians from all over the world, my knowledge in music theory expanded, and my love for the instrument became stronger. Any one who has attended this college can tell you, it’s one of the best schools and if you’re selected to go, it’s a one in a lifetime deal. All this was possible through the help of Bahama Village Music Program and I’m forever grateful that they selected me and sponsored me to go. I can say, everything I learned from there will forever be a part of me and the music network you build from Berklee is something that will be with you forever. I’m very grateful and honored to have this memorable experience and I highly encourage any students who have a strong love for music and is passionate about what they do and the instrument they play to attend Berklee!”

~ Rodney Maxime

“I attended the five week summer program at Berklee School of Music, and it was an incredible experience! I learned so much from the professors, and I really felt at home in the musically creative environment. I loved the diversity with plenty of international students attending, it really made for a great experience. #teamBerklee”

~ Melson Maxime