Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Larry Baeder—President, Musician, Parent of BVMP Students

Ralph DePalma—Vice President, Photographer & Published Author

Ben Harrison—Secretary, Artisan, Song Writer, Musician, Author

Anna Baird— First State Bank of the Florida Keys Executive.

Bruce Byrd—Musician, Self-Employed

Adele Gerbracht— Artist, Parent of former BVMP Student Teacher

Mardee Eamilao— Parent of former BVMP Student and Student Teacher

Cricket Desmaris—Artist, PR Maven, Parent of BVMP Students


Robin Kaplan—Community Volunteer, Director of the music room, piano teacher.


Kätchen Duncan—Executive Director

Kate Divoll—Program Director, former BVMP student

Ashli Mingo-Tillett—Assistant Director, Monroe County Deputy Clerk, former BVMP student