​Thankfully, Bahama Village Music Program’s facility at 103 Olivia St was spared from the wrath of Hurricane Irma. Unfortunately, many of our volunteers, partners, and staff were not so lucky. Thanks to the United Way of the Florida Keys and their Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, BVMP was able to offer $500 “mini-grants” to those who have dedicated their time to BVMP and were affected by Hurricane Irma. You can donate to the United Way of the Florida Keys’ Hurricane Relief Fund here.

BVMP was affected by the storm. One of our most profitable annual fundraisers, Sugarloaf Oktoberfest was canceled due to Hurricane Irma. This cancellation has resulted in a $7,000 hole in our annual budget. We hesitate to do a big fundraising push in order to make room for the Irma relief fundraising efforts.

You can help! Donate below to help BVMP make up the lost funds.

Help us continue to give the gift of music!