Thanks to a generous grant from the Klaus Murphy Foundation, for the second summer in a row, BVMP held a comprehensive arts immersion summer program for 30 students! The kids spent the summer singing, dancing with Dance Key West, creating original plays with Annie Miners, writing songs with Dora Gohlson, and learning recording and music production with Sammy Fuller. Creative and fun art projects included making our own percussion instruments and emoji pillows, and painting inspirational rocks to hide around town. It was an amazing 6 weeks and all the kids reported they had a great time (the best!) and want to participate every summer!

The BVMP Summer Program ventured on several field trips and adventures including an “Up The Keys” venture to Grimal Grove to learn about Florida Keys Agriculture, the Blue Hole in the Key Deer Refuge to experience the natural beauty of the keys, Boondocks for some lunch and mini-golf, to Florida Keys Media to record a segment for the Hoebee in the Afternoon experiment on WAIL 99.5, and finally to Bay Point Market to scoop our own ice cream. It was a great day!

The following Friday we went to the Butterfly Conservatory thanks to George Fernandez and Flamingo Crossing thanks to Robin! On the way back to the van we were invited into Imagine Art Gallery and the kids got to check out Jim Salem’s beautiful artwork! Big thanks to all who hosted and donated!

The BVMP Summer Program culminated with a performance including all students beginning with some touching and inspirational songs by the choir, original plays by “Team Awesome” and “Team Brilliant” both creative and hilarious, beautiful dance numbers and catchy original songs ending with the BVMP Band playing some rousing renditions of their favorite songs. Our “production team” recorded the show and links will be up soon!

Big thanks to Miss Kate Divoll for organizing and implementing such an amazing program for our students. The kids had a great time and we are so proud of how much they learned this summer!